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Pranayama Courses and Yoga Meditation Course

Yoga Course Contents for The Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training Course
Basic Yoga philosophy
This yoga course in Rishikesh covers the background of Yoga, Pantanjali’s Yoga sutra and eight limbs to the Path of Yoga, Ayurveda and Yogic lifestyle (based on four principles of Yogachara-ahara, achara, vihara-vichara) and ethics for the Yoga teacher. The course content also includes Ayurveda and traditional texts (Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, Samkhya philosophy, Charka Samhita, Sushrutasamhita, Bhagvada Gita etc.)
History of Yoga
The Functions of the Mind and our Greater Consciousness
The System of Raja Yoga, Ashtanga, the Eight Limbs of Yoga
Examination of the Subtle Body, Chakras, and Nadis
It covers the different postures practiced in Yoga. You learn the techniques; get training followed by practice. It includes the principle of instruction, demonstration, observation, assisting/correcting. Conscious training in concentration in also covered.
You will be performing the Yoga steps under the supervision of Yogacharya. This will comprise four hours of the daily schedule.
Shatkarma (Yogic way of purification)
   Dhauti (Vamana)
   Jala Neti
   Sutra Neti
Panhakarma (Ayurvedic way of detoxification)
   Vamana karma (Therapeutic emesis)
   Virechana karma (Therapeutic purgation)
   Vasti (enema therapy)
   Nasya karma (Nasal administration of medicaments).
   Rakta mokxana (blood letting)
Principles of Modern and Ayurveda Anatomy and Physiology
Detailed understanding of anatomy and physiology (body functions, organs etc.) and Ayurveda physiology (kosha, prana, chakras, nadis etc.) Study of posture, alignment, health benefits, adjustments, and modification.
Yoga Meditation Course in Rishikesh
This meditation teacher training India helps learners to develop skills to become a successful meditation teacher by offering rich meaning content. The power of meditation benefits at every stage of the progress and we can help you reach the ideal state of consciousness.
Pranayama Courses
Pranayama Courses (balance prana energy) & Mantra healing therapy. Our Pranayam course in Rishikesh focuses on:
Balance Prana energy by learning the science of Yogic way of breathing
Feel the dynamic resonance of Vedic mantra chanting.
Prana, Tejas and Ojas – the three vital essence.

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