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Ayurveda Rasayana Therapy (Rejuvenation Therapy)

Rasayana is composed of two words Rasa+Ayan.

Rasa means “nourishing juice” (dhatu) and Ayan means “balance”. So term Rasayana means by which one gets the excellence of Rasa dahtu is known as Rasayana. If Rasa dahtu is perfect then all our next dhatu are balance & we have balance ojas, tejas & prana. By virtue of rejuvenation therapy. Drugs, diet and regimens which promote longevity by delaying aging and preventing diseases are called Rasayana.

  • It is a group of therapy which are designed for an individual to achieve rejuvenating effects. Rasayana is recommended for healthy person as well as for person who have some kind of imbalance.
  • From this it is understood that Ayurvedic therapy, herbs, diet, regimens and lifestyle which promote longevity by delaying aging and preventing diseases is called as Rasayana therapy.
Benefits of Rasayana Therapy
  • Rasayana which has a marked action on reproductive system, sexual organs are called Vrishya as Shukra Dhatu is best nourished by it.
  • Rasayana Chikitsa is supposed to nourish all dahtus (body tissues) blood, lymph, flesh, adipose tissue and semen, and thus prevent freedom from chronic degenerative disorders like Arthritis and disease of senility.
  • Rasayana therapy builds natural resistance against infection. It increases immunity system and have an Immunomodulator effect which prevents any kind of autoimmune disorders.
  • Rasyana therapy reduces the free radical injury and delays aging.

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