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I completed my Yoga training under guidance of Dr. Neetu singh at Ayur Yoga School, Rishikesh, India. She is qualified Ayurveda doctor & traditional Yoga teacher. I am extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to study with such a experienced teacher who teach me Hatha Yoga, Astanga Yoga & differ kind of meditation. I am thankful to Dr.Vinod as well,He is great teacher, he teach me yoga asana according to your dosha imbalance & your constitution,Yoga therapy according to disease. If you have ever considered studying yoga or Ayurveda in India I highly recommend Ayur Yoga School.

Priscilla Carara from Brasil


I very much enjoyed this authentic course. In particular, your dedication shone through. You demonstrated a wealth of knowledge and your experiences reflected through your life style and desires. It was amazing how you managed to share this with us within this intensive course. For me it was a wonderful experience. I have been practicing yoga for 2 years and I feel the course will help me in my life for balancing, teaching practice, and inner development. Hari om! & Namaste.

Julijana Julka from Switzerland


I am so happy haven chosen 200hr Ayur yoga teacher training course! I was a real beginner. I was so stiff and I knew very few asanas at the beginning… Now I have improved my flexibility and I have learnt a lot of things, not only asanas but also about Yoga philosophy, Ayurveda Nutrition, life style according to Ayurveda &Yoga. It’s a perfect course! Thanks Dr.Neetu & Dr.Vinod

Barbara Santos from Brasil


I joined the AYTTC in Rishikesh without many expectations and with an open mind and heart to learn more about yoga & Ayurveda. I feel that I now know more about the different parts of yoga such as asanas, pranayamas, philosophy, meditation, anatomy and that I am inspired to further my practice. Dr.Neetu and the rest of the staff were very kind & friendly throughout the TTC. Thank you for sharing sacred knowledge of Yoga & Ayurveda!!

Anna Maria from Italy


Dr.Neetu is an inspiring teacher who also lives the yogic principles,she have deep knowledge about Yoga & Ayurveda .She have such a dynamic voice, I feel it in deep of my soul during scared mantra chanting, I personally deepened my practice; improving many asanas, focusing my mind, and getting in touch with my soul..

I recommend Dr.Neetu for anyone looking to have an amazing yoga experience in India!

Kushal Kanwar


200-hour Ayur Yoga teacher training course at Ayur Yoga School(RYS 200, 500). This was a great mental, physical, cultural experience all in all, It was a unique course I ever had, I did YTTC in Rishikesh 2 year before from another school but I was searching another school for learning advance level of Yoga,after joining this course ,I was fully satisfied because here , I along with Yoga ,I learn how we can use Yoga as a therapy for your self & for another person also.They gave me strong background on anatomy and physiology of the human body (VERY IMPORTANT) and Ayurveda & Yoga philosophy, as well as a lot of Asana practice (and other elements of practical yoga) …was generally done well and with dedication by all teachers and staff … was done by Ayur Yoga School who have a convincing approach.

Thanks with my heart to Dr.Neetu & Dr. Vinod

Anja Mylemans from Belgium


I got an opportunity to learn Yoga with Dr.Neetu Singh but I tell you it was really an extraordinary experience I ever had before. Y you are a master in adjustments & alignments of body . I never believed that I could do advance postures but you helped me in a very professional way, your motivation, encouragement, your enthusiastic collaboration, care, individual attention, your dedication and inspiration , the list goes on and on, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.Your class is always full of energy and very welcoming. I am Thankful of Dr.Vinod also for teaching me about Ayurveda ,Yoga philosophy ,details of anatomy & physiology to understand how pranayama & Yoga.

Joonas Saks


Thanks to God He gave me the great opportunity to study with Dr Vinod and Dr. Neetu, thanku so much. It was a great experience been studying and doing practice of yoga . you told me the depth of yoga , you both are great, there are no words to explain my feelings, you gave me homely environment here thanks for this.

Shiva Thapa from Nepal


I just completed the 200hr teacher training in March 2012 at Ayur Yoga School. I have been practising astanga for a while now and been travelling around practicing with many different astanga teachers.Dr.Neetu Singh’s energy and enthusiasm blew my mind off completely as I had never encountered such level or intensity and inspiration.. I would like to thank Dr.Neetu Singh for showing me a whole new level of astanga. He works deeper than just a gross level of the body and her body alignments penetrate the subtle and causal body triggering the purification process on all 3 layers of the body. She gives undivided attention to her students and her dedication is astonishing.

Irene Kaljuste from Estonia


I was very happy to join Ayuryoga school. It seems we focus entirely on the body, the physical aspect of Yoga,and Yoga is so much more than that. So practicing meditation,pranayama and bandha in a regular yoga asana class was a great surprise for me and I really loved it.Dr Neetu is giving the whole story of yoga and offers chanting and meditation classes separately, as well as teacher training and intensive courses. Practitioners of all levels will find something interesting and something to suit them. I thoroughly recommend Ayur Yoga School for yoga study. We need more teachers like this.

David Paterson from Ireland


Thanks for the wonderful experience that I had at Ayur Yoga School. I did course for 2 weeks on ayurveda Massage and Panchkarma therapy. The course was so designed that it was simple to understand and learn. Special attention was taken n the practical aspect of the course. Each and every step of massage was made to understand. Dr. Vinod kumar himself was involved in the practical training. Just because of the knowledge I received from Dr .Vinod Kumar, I am very confident when I deal with my clients. Thanks Dr. Vinod For your personal support. I will definitely come again to study further.

Monia Kouki from London (U.K)


I undergone “Ayurvedic Massage Techniques with special reference to MARMA POINTS – (1 week)” and I would like to recommend the panel of Doctors and their staff for the highly professional care and services that we received during our training period. During this time we experienced the very best of care, friendly and professional behavior from you as well as your staff. We are joining in together with thanks and appreciation for your wonderful care which we will always remember. We gratefully acknowledged the training course and service that “Ayur Yoga School” provided us and we wish all the best.

Maria Del Pilar from Spain


Course was very well organized, good support material, Know ledged Doctors / Teachers. Courses were very interesting and useful for practical use. I believe that Marma course could be done in less than 6 days as not so extensive theory exist, definitely will use when I learn to incorporate in my massages. The Ayurvedic Nutrition and Cooking course was well balanced with theory and practical and I learned very much. Overall appreciation, I was satisfied and happy to take the course as they proved to be quite useful for my work, Thank you for your help and kindness. All the best.

Edward Batat from Israel


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