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Learn balance yourself with authentic Ayurveda Yoga at Ayuskama Ayurveda Rishikesh.
Ayurveda Courses

Ayur Yoga School offers definitive Ayurveda, Yoga courses and Panchakarma treatments, administered by professional Yoga Gurus and Ayurvedacharyas. All courses are designed keeping the student’s goals in mind. We offer both short-term and long term courses here.

Long Term Courses:
1- Ayurveda for beginner course (four weeks program)
2- Diploma in Ayurveda health care(four weeks program)
3- Ayurveda Yoga teacher training course 200 hrs(AYTTC 200 hrs)
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Short Term Courses:
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1- Ayurveda Massage course (one week – six days week)
2- Ayurveda nutrition and cooking course (one week)
3- Ayurveda Marma therapy course (one week)
4- Ayurveda massage course (one weeks)
Accommodation Dining options available at Ayur Yoga School :
Ayur Yoga School has the facility of accommodation and provide residential yoga courses, residential Ayurveda treatment options with hygienic, tasteful, healthy and Ayurveda foods during your stay with us.
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Contact for Yoga and Ayurveda Courses & treatment: ayuryogaschool@gmail.com or Call us at : (+91) 99173 17388